Auscultation with pulse by iPax

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Auscultation of the anterior chest on your pc

The auscultation of Ipax is performed using a chest piece icone on the screen.
When you move the icon, the heart and/or lung sound of the area are output.
Heart and lung sounds can be switched with a button, or felt with pulse palpation. The pulse can be felt by gently placing your finger on the silicone surface of the Kikuzo.


My Page

My Page displays “cases” that are appropriate for your learning. There is a function in iPax that the server analyzes from the usage history of the site and presents necessary cases to the person. Just open My Page and see “recommended cases” for 1 minute every day, and you will gain auscultation skills.

You can check yourself with the quiz on iPax.

Below is the history displayed on My Page. The time spent and content are displayed in a pie chart to help you analyze yourself.


Log Management

iPax users (license keys) are tied to the parent license key. The child uses the content specified by the parent, and the log (history) of the used content is displayed in the Log Management window.

In the log management window, you can narrow down the target audience, display only the period you want, or download data in CSV format.

**You can also create original content from the Administration screen.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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