「My Challenge」Author|Dr. Tsunekazu Takashina (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc.)

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Introducing “My Challenge”, the autobiography of Dr. Takashina Tsunekazu, iPax supervising doctor.

This book summarizes the trajectory of Mr. Takashina from his boyhood to 2023.

After the war, he was a medical intern, then studied abroad at Tulane University in the United States, and after returning to Japan, worked on various clinical cardiology education. The activity so far, that is, the trajectory is introduced.

From the middle to the second half, heart disease simulator development and application development secrets (iPax) are mentioned. We are delighted to have been able to work with Dr. Takashina.

“Only people who succeed in each field and obtain enormous wealth are not successful people in life.” “Life cannot be determined by the presence or absence of property.”(Excerpt from the book)

When I carefully read these words, Dr. Takashina’s doctor’s philosophy of「医患共尊」 (”ikan-kyouson” means “Doctors and patients should respect each other and provide medical care based on trust.”) penetrates deeply into my heart.

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Written by: Kiyoshi Fujiki (CEO, Telemedica Inc.)


この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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