New England Journal of Medicine Online Education System and iPax

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New England Journal of Medicine Online Education System

NEJM has released the “clinical reasoning skills education online system” for medical student.   NEJM says it is important to learn clinical reasoning early in medical education.

*Clinical reasoning refers to inferring the diagnosis from a person’s subjective and objective symptoms (Detect abnormalities by interview, inspection, and auscultation etc.).



Developed by Telemedica, iPax is an educational system for comprehensively learning (inspection, palpation, auscultation, X-ray, ECG, etc).  We note that its purpose is consistent with NEJM Healer.


With regard to auscultation in particular, our company products are already widely used in Japan, and at the same time, overseas experts highly evaluate its quality.   In this respect, we believe that iPax can contribute to global medical education in the near future.

◆Auscultation Education Cloud System iPax (click image to jump to detail)

Sample iPax cases are available for free on


◆NEJM Healer (click image to jump to detail)

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
藤木 清志

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