Free of charge for educational sessions at conferences

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Telemedica provides iPax free of charge to academic societies

If you would like to apply, please click here(Google form).

What is iPax?

iPax is a virtual auscultation simulator. When the chestpiece icon on the screen is moved over the illustration of the anterior/posterior on the screen, the sound for that area is run.
There are many sound sources on the anterior/posterior, and all sounds are synchronized simultaneously, so you can listen to the heart and lung sounds as if you were auscultating a patient.

We provide almost all of the heart/lung sounds. If you show us a case you would like to use, we can set up the case and issue a license exclusively for the conference.

iPax site (

What you can do with iPax

We believe that iPax can be used not only for auscultation education but also for case studies.

If you provide us with information such as HR, RR, imaging, ECG, UCG, etc., we will edit the auscultation sounds to suit your needs and provide them on iPax.

How to use iPax
The iPax can be used simply by registering as a user using the license key issued by Telemedica.
You can use iPax simply by registering as a user using the license key issued by Telemedica.
The user can use iPax by a screen with PC or tablet, or to share the screen and audio during an online meeting software.



Department in charge Telemedica Customer Center

Responsible person
Telemedica Inc.
Representative Director Kiyoshi Fujiki

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