iPax new feature “auscultation site monitoring”

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The iPax has new features. They are “iPax screen monitoring function” and “auscultation site recording function”.


iPax screen monitoring function

This feature allows administrators to monitor the screens of iPad users.

Users’ screens are displayed in real time on the administrator’s screen, and multiple users can be monitored by one person (as shown in the photo above).

auscultation site recording function

This function records the user’s chestpiece icon operations.

Location information is recorded when the user moves the chestpiece. The longer the chestpiece is stationary, the darker the color, so you can tell not only “whether students listened to the sound or not”, but also “whether they listened carefully or only for a short time”. Since the data is recorded on the server, it can be viewed at any time and is useful for debriefing after auscultation exercises and overall trend analysis.

<This shows the movement of the chestpiece icon (stethoscope) by the shade of color.>

*Patent pending for this.
We believe that these functions will help reduce the human and financial burden on university administrators when implementing OSCE.


この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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