Real Heart Sounds, THE CASE of this month(June, 2022)

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Splitting of S2
We will show a case, ‘the splitting of S2’ this month.
12 year old boy. He was pointed out with abnormal heart sounds at a school medical

How to use the screen
Clicking on the precordial auscultation area displayed on the screen will move the
chestpiece to that area and you will hear heart sounds, lung sounds, and intestinal sounds.
You can listen to heart sounds and lung sounds at the same time, listen to only one
auscultation sound, or switch to on-demand.
Below the auscultation area, you will find videos, slides, and textual commentary.
You can learn this case on

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If you do not have a license, please see the sample case on the top page.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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