iPax is featured in “Medical Education” published by the Japanese Society for Medical Education

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Medical Education Vol53, No3, 2022 (edited and published by the Japan Society of Medical Education, released by Shinohara Shuppan Shinsha Co., Ltd.) features a study on the introduction of a computerized system for the national medical examination. It is reported on the use of iPax in this article.
The two papers in which iPax was introduced are as follows
(1) A Background to the Development of CBT Using Video and Audio Materials (Dr. Yasushi Matsuyama et al.)
2) Training of medical personnel in the 21st century and CBT for the National Medical Examination (Dr. Hirofumi Kawakita et al.)
*Click here for the viewing sites introduced in the article.

1)If you would like to request the article, please send an e-mail to “3sp@telemedica.co.jp“.
2)If you would like to request a free license for iPax, please send us an email above address.
3)If you would like to listen to iPax sample cases, please visit iPax’s website (kikuzosound.com).

iPax Features
1. Realistic heart and lung sounds
2. Listen to auscultatory sounds using your own stethoscope
3.Listening to heart sounds while taking the pulse
4. Learn to method of measures blood pressure (both auscultation and palpation)
5. Learn auscultation with diagnostic imaging and electrocardiography etc.
*The dedicated speaker “Kikuzo” is required for the practical exercises.


Telemedica will continue to work on further enhancement of iPax to make it an easy-to-use and highly effective education system for auscultation.


Kiyoshi Fujiki

Telemedica Inc.

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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